Vitamin Drip

Forget the Mojitos and Cosmopolitans the cocktail were talking about isn’t sipped from a tall glass, instead it’s infused straight into the blood stream through a tiny incision in the arm. The beauty of this cocktail means that it doesn’t leave you feeling (or looking) terrible but rather the opposite.

Feeling tired, lethargic and with a mouth full of ulcers I decided my body needed more than just a good nights sleep, it needed some serious TLC. I opted to have the Immune Boost Vitamin Drip, a small cannula was inserted into my arm and was attached to bag of saline containing my personally prescribed cocktail of vitamins – which had been prepared by a fully qualified nurse prescriber. Over a period of about 40mins I did nothing but lay in a dark relaxation room whilst the solution was infused directly into my blood stream. A common thought is “why not just take oral vitamins” ? The truth is that when taken orally only around 15% of the vitamins are of any use to the body – infusions mean a much higher percentage of the vitamin is actually put to good use.

After leaving the clinic I did not feel any immediate changes within my body, however the next morning I realised that I’d had the best nights sleep in a long time. I had more energy and the mouth ulcers I’d been battling with for weeks were on there way out – probably down to the dose of vitamin C. On consultation I explained that I’m prone to cold and flu and not that great at eating my fruit and veg, with this in mind I was recommended a course of drips to boost my immune system. Regardless of the vitamins used I think the hydration alone has given my body a boost, I know how I important water is yet it can get to 5 o’clock and I’ve only had a glass.

Vitamin Drips are used for many different reasons from specific concerns to general health, it’s important to remember that although this may seem like a quick and easy treatment it dose still pose a health risk. There is nothing wrong with asking clinics about the qualifications of their staff or hygiene policies, like many aesthetic treatments a vitamin drip can be done in a clean and safe environment and get fantastic results.



On a budget … 40 Carrots Vitamin Serum

So I thought if i’m going to do this whole skincare on budget thing then i’m going to do it properly; therefore I bought my very first skincare product from T K Maxx. I’ve got to admit I wasn’t itching with excitement to try my new product; I think I’ve been spoilt and turned into a bit of a skincare snob! So at £4.99 I took it to the till and my purse loved me.

I chose this serum not because of its miniature price tag but because it contain Beta Carotin, vitamin C and is enriched with Retinol.

Now lets get the negatives over with:

  • Retinol (Vitamin A)is an AMAING ingredient, however Retinol in small weak amounts is no use to any one . No where in the ingredients does it state what percentage of Retinol is in the product, yet it has got ‘Retinol’ plastered all over it. If it were to have a large percentage of active Retinol surely they would want to promote that?

I did notice that under product info it says ‘ our Retinol is less active than prescriptive Retinol meaning              it is more gentle’. This is all well but the irritation that Retinol gives is what provide the celll turnover,                  desquamation and results!

  • In fact all my negatives are around this matter 40 Carrots seem to be using beauty ‘buzz words’ but have no information to back up what they are saying. If there is Vitamin C how much ? In what Form? Sunny Vitamin C is not a technical term.
  • It seems like the brand are suggesting that because its from carrots and got Vitamin C then that’s enough information and and the products going to work

It seems that I am more disappointed with the brand them selves rather than the actual product, in all fairness the product hasn’t been so bad. After researching the serum I convinced myself that it wasn’t going to be any good; but actually its not that bad. I wouldn’t go as far as saying use instead of a moisturizer but underneath one yes. I thought that as I stopped using my other skincare products I would see a huge difference in my skin ( I suffer with dehydrated skin and acne breakouts)  but actually the serums does seem to be keeping my skin supple and it hasn’t resided to its natural flaky self.

For the sake of £4.99 I would say buy this product, just to note I have seen it for more online and i wouldn’t pay the £13.99. But if anyone can tell me the ingredient percentages i’ll consider my review.