Vitamin Drip

Forget the Mojitos and Cosmopolitans the cocktail were talking about isn’t sipped from a tall glass, instead it’s infused straight into the blood stream through a tiny incision in the arm. The beauty of this cocktail means that it doesn’t leave you feeling (or looking) terrible but rather the opposite.

Feeling tired, lethargic and with a mouth full of ulcers I decided my body needed more than just a good nights sleep, it needed some serious TLC. I opted to have the Immune Boost Vitamin Drip, a small cannula was inserted into my arm and was attached to bag of saline containing my personally prescribed cocktail of vitamins – which had been prepared by a fully qualified nurse prescriber. Over a period of about 40mins I did nothing but lay in a dark relaxation room whilst the solution was infused directly into my blood stream. A common thought is “why not just take oral vitamins” ? The truth is that when taken orally only around 15% of the vitamins are of any use to the body – infusions mean a much higher percentage of the vitamin is actually put to good use.

After leaving the clinic I did not feel any immediate changes within my body, however the next morning I realised that I’d had the best nights sleep in a long time. I had more energy and the mouth ulcers I’d been battling with for weeks were on there way out – probably down to the dose of vitamin C. On consultation I explained that I’m prone to cold and flu and not that great at eating my fruit and veg, with this in mind I was recommended a course of drips to boost my immune system. Regardless of the vitamins used I think the hydration alone has given my body a boost, I know how I important water is yet it can get to 5 o’clock and I’ve only had a glass.

Vitamin Drips are used for many different reasons from specific concerns to general health, it’s important to remember that although this may seem like a quick and easy treatment it dose still pose a health risk. There is nothing wrong with asking clinics about the qualifications of their staff or hygiene policies, like many aesthetic treatments a vitamin drip can be done in a clean and safe environment and get fantastic results.



Skincare Student Style…….. Hydration

Soooo I’ve got to admit this is not the easiest task that I have undertaken, there are plenty of products that claim that they have miracle ingredients, but do they really?

My next target ingredient was Hyaluronic Acid, in potent amounts it hydrates the skin by drawing water molecules into the skin cells. I’ve used both very good Hyaluronic Acid products that hydrate the skin making it soft and supple; and very bad ones which do nothing.

The budget product I chose was,

Balance Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum

Firstly lets start with the price, I paid £5.95 although I’ve seen this product for more and for less online. Compared to other products I’ve used with this ingredient the consistency is very thin, almost water like and does make you massage it vigorously into the skin as not to let it drip everywhere. The bottle and pip pet make it easy  to get a nice amount of product on to your fingers ready to apply a generous layer all over the face, I have been applying the product up to the eye socket.

As well as hydrating the skin Hyaluronic Acid balances skin cell activity, regulating sebum (oil) production. After using the product my skin does not feel dehydrated; however it is producing more sebum than usual. The extra sebum is not causing me to much of a problem as my skin is dry without products but I don’t think it would be great for someone trying to reduce the surface sebum. The reason for this lack of balancing is most likely to be the low amount of active Hyaluronic Acid.

The packaging isn’t great and the plastic bottle does give it a ‘cheap’ feel, although it is whats inside that counts. The outer packaging does give indications to the ‘buzz’ ingredients and unlike the 40 Carrots indicates a percentage; 5% Hylasome. Hylasome is cross linked form of Hyaluronic Acid used to hydrate and moisturize the skin. The packaging also advertises the use of SYN-AKE, which is a peptide and great for anti-aging (see Medical Grade Skincare) I haven’t used the product for long enough to say whether or not I think this ingredient is beneficial (it does depend on how much of it is in it).

It seems the problem to cheaper skincare is the percentage of active ingredients,  I am determined not to let this beat me and I WILL find effective affordable products!

Give it ago, but don’t expect miracles 

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