The vampire Face Lift (PRP) step by step

This is a basic step by step video of me having the vampire facial, for more information on this treatment please see the post Vampire Face lift 


Germain De Cappucini Facial Review


Its fair to say my obsession with skincare and facials is not getting any smaller, it seems i cant go online without scouring beauty product sites or beauty therapy brochures; soon i may be asking for help! This is a review from the product house Germain de Cappucini, I do apologise but I had this facial whilst having an afternoon out with one of my friends and did not have my trusty notebook with me to note down every move the therapist made. Although this wasn’t the best facial that I have ever had there were elements that I really liked, including the cool scrub exfoliating scrub and heated bean bags.

At the time of this facial I had the reminiscence of some hormonal breakouts on my chin, not actual spots any more just the dry ugly blemishes that they leave behind. I felt like my skin needed a good ‘scrub’ which it definately got, the facial lasted one hour and compromised of a facial and scalp massage, every product was applied like it was part of the massaged never forgetting a pressure point or warm touch. The treatment began with warm bean bags applied to the decolletage which sent me straight into deep relaxation and the products followed :

Pure Expert Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel

Pure Expert Refiner Essence Expert Toner

Exfoliating Scrub – this had the most amazing menthol feeling on the skin there was no more of a ‘clean’ feeling than you could get

Facial massage – this routine was quite different to norm it contains a lot of ‘lifting’ movements which actually felt quite nice

Hydracure Facial Mask  –  a Hyaluronic based product – see  the ingredients post for more info

Scalp Massage – always a winner for me

Essential Youthfulness Eye Contour Cream – crepe skin around the eye is creeping its way in

Hydra Balance Facial Cream – hmmmm?

The facial itself was ok, unfortunately I think i’ve been spoilt with hand and arm massages, foot rubs and heated blankets although for those of you that don’t like all the fuss you probably appreciate the lack of massage. I suppose what i’m really trying to say is that there wasn’t a lot going off considering the facial lasted for 1 hour but the touches that were in there were great. I could see an improvement in my skin however I feel a would have probably benefited from some of the ranges more active products like the Glycocure or Vitamin C . I think that these may have given me slightly longer lasting results. I dont think I’ll be rushing back straight away but i will try something else from them before i completely make up my mind.

If you’d like to try before you buy go on the Germain De Cappuncini website fill in a fe details and they send you some free samples anyway !


Id love to know what your thoughts are on Germain De Cappuncini facials or products, tell us your thoughts in the comments




Treatment Review…. Priori Facial

I cant think of anything better than spending an afternoon having a facial, and after the hectic week i’ve had with uni assignments this one could not have come at a more perfect time. The wonderfully relaxing treatment was done by Kirsty at her salon The Relaxation Den in Rotherham, its been a while since I’ve deviated from my normal facial routine and I wasn’t disappointed.

I told Kirsty my skin concerns:

  • dehydration
  • blackheads
  • acne breakouts on my chin
  • dry and dull

After talking through my concerns and filling out consultation paperwork we came to the conclusion that I would be having a Priori  facial followed by the Omnilux LED light therapy, sounded great to me and I couldn’t wait to get on the couch!

As Kirsty massaged the Revitalising Cleanser into my skin she told me that she was going to use a combination of products from two of the Priori ranges. The Coffee Berry Range, totally natural and great at lightning, brightening and smoothing skin; whilst the Advanced AHA range is packed with potent ingredients including vitamins. I could feel the Invigorating Face and Body Scrub buffing away the build up of dead skin cells (which I had probably let get out of hand), making way for the Replenishing Masque and its cocktail of moisture, vitamins and antioxidants to be absorbed.

I have to admit i’m a sucker for a good massage and this is the area that lets many facials down, I wasn’t disappointed. The relaxation begins, whilst the masque was working its magic my hands and arms were treat to a luxurious massage using the Hand & Body Revitalising Lotion, after this I had 20 minutes imagining I was on a tropical beach whilst laying under neath the Omnilux Light Therapy. One thing to mention is that when the light is first switched on it is extremely bright, stick with it your eyes soon adapt. Half asleep I then received a facial massage, as well as the increased blood flow to my skin cells and draining of lymph I loved this part purely because it felt so nice!

The worst part some came…. the end! After removing the masque Kirsty applied the Radiance Eye Serum, Skin Renewal Cream for a moisture boost and the all important Natural Daily Protection SPF 25. Every product was applied with a soothing touch whether circle motions around they eyes or long massage movements sweeping my face, it took all my energy to bring myself to open my eyes. When I finally did I could see the flickering of the electric fire, I didn’t want to get out of the warm quilt that was cocooning me in and simply laid there for 5 minutes. Reality soon kicked back in and I drank my glass of water before leaving the cosy room. Kirsty chatted with me about the products that she had used and we discussed further  steps in order to keep my skin in the condition that I wanted it in.

For the rest of the day I applied no make-up or other products, it was the following morning when the results were much more apparent glowing, hydrated, smooth skin! I no longer had scales and my make-up went on perfectly, even my boyfriend commented – we all no that it must be good for a boy to notice!

Kirsty was a great therapist, she was very welcoming and helpful both before and after my treatment. It was lovely to be provided with knowledge and information without the pushy sales techniques that you receive when trying to buy products from beauty counters. Her salon was in a great location easy to find with parking directly outside, inside was lovely and warm given the freezing english weather and with a welcoming seat ready for me to wait for my treatment what more could I want?