Vitamin Drip

Forget the Mojitos and Cosmopolitans the cocktail were talking about isn’t sipped from a tall glass, instead it’s infused straight into the blood stream through a tiny incision in the arm. The beauty of this cocktail means that it doesn’t leave you feeling (or looking) terrible but rather the opposite.

Feeling tired, lethargic and with a mouth full of ulcers I decided my body needed more than just a good nights sleep, it needed some serious TLC. I opted to have the Immune Boost Vitamin Drip, a small cannula was inserted into my arm and was attached to bag of saline containing my personally prescribed cocktail of vitamins – which had been prepared by a fully qualified nurse prescriber. Over a period of about 40mins I did nothing but lay in a dark relaxation room whilst the solution was infused directly into my blood stream. A common thought is “why not just take oral vitamins” ? The truth is that when taken orally only around 15% of the vitamins are of any use to the body – infusions mean a much higher percentage of the vitamin is actually put to good use.

After leaving the clinic I did not feel any immediate changes within my body, however the next morning I realised that I’d had the best nights sleep in a long time. I had more energy and the mouth ulcers I’d been battling with for weeks were on there way out – probably down to the dose of vitamin C. On consultation I explained that I’m prone to cold and flu and not that great at eating my fruit and veg, with this in mind I was recommended a course of drips to boost my immune system. Regardless of the vitamins used I think the hydration alone has given my body a boost, I know how I important water is yet it can get to 5 o’clock and I’ve only had a glass.

Vitamin Drips are used for many different reasons from specific concerns to general health, it’s important to remember that although this may seem like a quick and easy treatment it dose still pose a health risk. There is nothing wrong with asking clinics about the qualifications of their staff or hygiene policies, like many aesthetic treatments a vitamin drip can be done in a clean and safe environment and get fantastic results.



Lynton Fractional Laser Resurfacing Peel

Before and during fractional laser resurfacing treatment

Before and during fractional laser resurfacing treatment


I haven’t had a skin treatment for a while and the acne blemishes and red marks were starting to build up on my face, so today I agreed to have a laser resurfacing treatment. I usually avoid ‘lasers’ – mainly because of the pain and down time. I’ve worked with other lasers and in most cases have found them to be extremely uncomfortable both during and post treatment, I hadn’t been convinced that the results were worth the torture. However today I have been proved different and have been converted to a laser lover.

The majority of skin treatments work the same; they cause a controlled trauma to the skin to force cell renewal. The fractional laser treatment from Lynton is no different, however this fractional laser is slightly different to most  as it works much more superficially, meaning; it’s not as painful and the down time is not as long. This does not mean that the results will be compromised we will simply have a less invasive treatment more regularly, something like 6 treatments over a 6 month period.  The fractional laser penetrates the surface layers of skin until it reaches the dermal layer, once here it stimulates the formation of new collagen resulting in new plump skin cells, which will work their way to the skin surface and reveal an even, glowing and rejuvenated skin tone. The treatment will help improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and blemishes and  a dull sallow skin.

As I lay on the couch with my black out goggles on I began to take deep breaths and brace myself for the shots of intense heat, I felt the hand piece on my skin, heard the ‘BLEEP’ of the laser and miraculously felt no pain!  Cheryl, the therapist doing the treatment asked me ” on a scale of 1-10 how painful is it?” I confidently said 1. It did not feel like a heat treatment but a very light scratching sensation on the surface of my skin, however this was partly down to a machine blowing cold air continuously onto my skin.

Once the whole of my forehead had been treat I began to feel a sensation exactly like sunburn, this feeling then began to spread across all of my face; although by this time the last few shots were being done and the treatment was over. Now this was the part of the treatment that was typical of a laser. My face began to feel extremely warm and was very red, this intense heat feeling lasted for about 30 mins, I simply reapplied cold compresses until the heat subsided and turned every piece of paper into a make shift fan.

 That Night 

4 hours later my skin is still pink and feels very tight, it is not painful but it is sensitive to touch. I’m now waiting for the old dead skin cells on the surface of my skin to exfoliate and for the new glowing cells to come through, this will get rid of the blemishes and red marks that I have been left from past breakouts; and prevent those dreaded wrinkles appearing. In the areas where I had deeper acne scars I had a second pass and these areas will probably ‘flake’ slightly more than the other areas.

The Following Day

When I woke up this morning my face felt extremely tight and very dry to touch, other than being slightly sensitive to my cleansing and moisturising products it felt fine. My skin is slightly darker than it usually is and there is a slight line which indicates where the treatment stops, if you look closely in the picture you can see tiny dots all over my skin; this is where the laser penetrated. I’m not going out today so I do not need to put any makeup on but if I were the tell tell signs would easily be covered by mineral make- up.

The following day

The following day

The results of the treatment are not instant and I now have got to wait for my body to get rid of the damaged cells and replace them with new healthy ones, this process will take place over the next month. I will post some more pictures in the meantime.


Treatment Carried out by Elements Medispa Doncaster


Visia skin analysis ……. My Pictures!

VISIA analysis is the first step to achieving optimal skin renewal and the truly individualised care needed to achieve a radiant complexion.

VISIA produces images that capture the key visual information for the six areas affecting the appearance of your skin:
•        Fine lines and wrinkles
•        Sun damage (UV spots)
•        Enlarged pores
•        Skin texture
•        Skin bacteria
•        Damaged blood vessels
I was slightly nervous about what the results would be, but like they say ‘knowledge is power’ and if we can see what is wrong then we can put it right. So here goes………


Also known as porphyrins, attack the surface of the skin and contribute to break outs and acne. It is important to remove the bacteria successfully without compromising the skin. A good example of this is the use of soap. Skin is acidic and soap is alkaline, that tight feeling that we get when we use soap is not beneficial it is strippingthe skin leaving it dry, dehydrated and dull whilst leaving behind the bacteria. A cleanser that uses plant enzymes which work like a packman on the skin removing any dirt debris or make-up are much more beneficial.
bacteria shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa

bacteria shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa


Enlarged pores give an aged appearance to the skin. The tissue in the dermal layer becomes lax acting as a weight pulling down on the cells above giving the open appearance; it can also stretch the sebaceous glands which produce oil causing the surface of the skin to appear oily treatments that strengthen and rebuild the skin will help to reduce pore size.
 Pores  shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa

Pores shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa


The texture of our skin is highly influenced by our lifestyle. The products that we use, smoking, UV exposure and diet. If we were to look at cell level the yellow would show the peaks in the skin and blue would show the dips this combination gives the skin a rough uneven appearance.
Texture shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa

Texture shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa

UV Damage,

UV damage appears in many ways on the surface of the skin,it can show as brown spots also known as age spots, lines and wrinkles and it can give the skin that thick leather look appearance. Melanin (brown spots) are produced as a response to exposure to UV, and without protection they will continue to get darker and darker. It is important to wear a sunscreen every day not just when your on holiday, UV is all around us lights, computer screens,driving in the car.
UV Damage shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa

UV Damage shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa

Damaged Blood Vessels,

Damaged blood vessels that appear on the surface of the skin are also known as thread veins or spider veins. They are commonly associated with rosacea, but can occur as a result of damage to the skin, sun burn and break outs. Broken Vessels are very common and very easily treat with IPL a quick simple treatment that can successfully reduce rosacea and individual vessels

Damaged blood vessels shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa

Damaged blood vessels shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa

Fine lines and Wrinkles,

It happens to us all, fine lines and wrinkles are at the top of everybody’s list. They appear as a result of facial movement, thinning skin and environmental damage.
– Although I’m must admit I’m rather happy with this image!;-)
Fine lines & wrinkles shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa

Fine lines & wrinkles shown on the Visia skin analysis at Elements medispa 

 I’d love to know if you’ve had anything like the visia and what your thoughts are! x