The vampire Face Lift (PRP) step by step

This is a basic step by step video of me having the vampire facial, for more information on this treatment please see the post Vampire Face lift 


Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules

Ok so I’m going to be honest and say I was a little sceptical at first as usually ‘capsules’ are a little gimmicky and contain very little product,however environ proved me wrong. I was initially drawn to these capsules for their ingredients, anything with vitamin A excites me.

Im going to write a post on the most potent ingredients and how they work which will give you a better idea of what vitamin A does, but for the moment it stimulates cell renewal which in turn, sloughs off old dead skin cells, improves the tone and texture of skin, helps to regulate acne and can even reduce pigment. All of these results leave your skin radiant and glowing.There are many products on the high street which claim to contain vitamin A (also called retinol), although they have such a little amount that there is not enough to penetrate the layers of the skin. Environ has a higher amount of active ingredient which means you really do get what you pay for.

Anyway back to the capsules, as well as the stimulation from the vitamin A the capsules also hydrate the skin and help to fight free radicals that attack the surface of the skin. When I opened my first capsule I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of product inside, much more than inside some other brands. I had already cleansed my skin with a glycolic cleanser and applied the capsule all over even having enough product to use on my neck.

The product was silky, light and easily absorbed into my skin it even smelt lovely which is always a bonus. Then I went to bed.

The morning saw me wake to a lovely silky smooth skin and one happycustomer.  Environ provided a product that did what it said on the pot, it hydrated my skin giving it with a healthy glow, banishing dull dry patches.

I was so impressed we have actually started to use it in clinic after our clients have had treatments such as Dermaroller or LED light therapy.





Skin Needling, the wonder treatment!

Skin Needling is the treatment that is taking the skincare industry by storm! Everywhere you look it is being used to treat many concerns, from scarring on embarrassing bodies, to lines and wrinkles on anti-aging programs and most importantly available to you in skincare clinics.

This is definitely up there as one of the most popular skin treatments that we use in clinic and its the treatment of choice for most of our staff 😉 .

Why all the fuss?
Skin Needling stimulates natural collagen and cell renewal by increasing the production of growth factors (seeVampire Facelift). Growth factors work in response to trauma, the needles on the roller cause tiny puncture wounds in the skin.

In a professional clinic treatment the size of the needles used are between 1mm and 3mm long, home rollers are usually 0.25mm long.

Professional clinic treatments
As the needles used are long enough to penetrate to the dermal layer of the skin a slight discomfort usually occurs during treatment. This discomfort is over come by using a topical anaesthetic around 40minutes prior to the treatment.
The end point in a professional treatment is pin point bleeding, it is the presence of blood that is responsible for the amazing results!
After the treatment your skin will appear very red, this can last for around 24hours.
As the results are a response to the wound healing process the skin will continue to improve for the following 40 days.

Skin needling successfully treats:
•lines & wrinkles
•thinning skin
•dull sallow skin
•acne scars
•uneven skin tone
•prevention of aging
Although the results are amazing this treatment is not a quick fix. The treatment plan takes place over a 6 month period with one treatment at 4 weekly intervals. In order to enhance your results a skincare routine containing a RETINOL product will work wonders!

Follow the Light

Over the past year we have introduced LED light therapy into our clinic, and we now use it after almost every treatment. After testing several different machines we decided to purchase a machine from Dermalux, a decision that we are very pleased with.

So what is LED light therapy? All my clients ask me this on their first treatment and then the results speak for themselves….


LED light therapy is a non-thermal, non-invasive lightsystem that increases cell renewal, rejuvenates the skin, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and prevents acne breakouts. And all you haveto do is lay under it!!
The narrow band light has the ability to penetrate the skin where it is then converted and used as energy, this energy is then used to accelerate the cell renewal process increasing mitosis and resulting in more healthy skin cells. This process is very similar to the photosynthesis that occurs in plants.
Although this is a light treatment it is not in the damaging form of UV, therefor it will not cause any type of damage to the skin (or eyes) it will only have beneficial effects.
The LED light that we use comes in 2 colours red and blue,they can be used individually to target specific skin concerns or can be usedin combination to achieve the desired results.
Red LED light
  • eczema & psoriasis
  • healing
  • soothing
  • anti aging
  • rejuvenation
  • redness
  • reduce inflammation
Blue LED light
  • anti-bacterial
  • preventacne breakouts
  • reduces active acne
I would encourage everyone no matter what age, skin type or concern to try LED light therapy. It may be a treatment that works for you on its own or you might combine it with others such as facials, microdermabrasion, peels, resurfacers, dermaroller or laser treatments. For information on clinics near you or more information on how it will help your skin just ask and I willbe hapy to help

Skincare Student Style…….. Hydration

Soooo I’ve got to admit this is not the easiest task that I have undertaken, there are plenty of products that claim that they have miracle ingredients, but do they really?

My next target ingredient was Hyaluronic Acid, in potent amounts it hydrates the skin by drawing water molecules into the skin cells. I’ve used both very good Hyaluronic Acid products that hydrate the skin making it soft and supple; and very bad ones which do nothing.

The budget product I chose was,

Balance Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum

Firstly lets start with the price, I paid £5.95 although I’ve seen this product for more and for less online. Compared to other products I’ve used with this ingredient the consistency is very thin, almost water like and does make you massage it vigorously into the skin as not to let it drip everywhere. The bottle and pip pet make it easy  to get a nice amount of product on to your fingers ready to apply a generous layer all over the face, I have been applying the product up to the eye socket.

As well as hydrating the skin Hyaluronic Acid balances skin cell activity, regulating sebum (oil) production. After using the product my skin does not feel dehydrated; however it is producing more sebum than usual. The extra sebum is not causing me to much of a problem as my skin is dry without products but I don’t think it would be great for someone trying to reduce the surface sebum. The reason for this lack of balancing is most likely to be the low amount of active Hyaluronic Acid.

The packaging isn’t great and the plastic bottle does give it a ‘cheap’ feel, although it is whats inside that counts. The outer packaging does give indications to the ‘buzz’ ingredients and unlike the 40 Carrots indicates a percentage; 5% Hylasome. Hylasome is cross linked form of Hyaluronic Acid used to hydrate and moisturize the skin. The packaging also advertises the use of SYN-AKE, which is a peptide and great for anti-aging (see Medical Grade Skincare) I haven’t used the product for long enough to say whether or not I think this ingredient is beneficial (it does depend on how much of it is in it).

It seems the problem to cheaper skincare is the percentage of active ingredients,  I am determined not to let this beat me and I WILL find effective affordable products!

Give it ago, but don’t expect miracles 

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On a budget … 40 Carrots Vitamin Serum

So I thought if i’m going to do this whole skincare on budget thing then i’m going to do it properly; therefore I bought my very first skincare product from T K Maxx. I’ve got to admit I wasn’t itching with excitement to try my new product; I think I’ve been spoilt and turned into a bit of a skincare snob! So at £4.99 I took it to the till and my purse loved me.

I chose this serum not because of its miniature price tag but because it contain Beta Carotin, vitamin C and is enriched with Retinol.

Now lets get the negatives over with:

  • Retinol (Vitamin A)is an AMAING ingredient, however Retinol in small weak amounts is no use to any one . No where in the ingredients does it state what percentage of Retinol is in the product, yet it has got ‘Retinol’ plastered all over it. If it were to have a large percentage of active Retinol surely they would want to promote that?

I did notice that under product info it says ‘ our Retinol is less active than prescriptive Retinol meaning              it is more gentle’. This is all well but the irritation that Retinol gives is what provide the celll turnover,                  desquamation and results!

  • In fact all my negatives are around this matter 40 Carrots seem to be using beauty ‘buzz words’ but have no information to back up what they are saying. If there is Vitamin C how much ? In what Form? Sunny Vitamin C is not a technical term.
  • It seems like the brand are suggesting that because its from carrots and got Vitamin C then that’s enough information and and the products going to work

It seems that I am more disappointed with the brand them selves rather than the actual product, in all fairness the product hasn’t been so bad. After researching the serum I convinced myself that it wasn’t going to be any good; but actually its not that bad. I wouldn’t go as far as saying use instead of a moisturizer but underneath one yes. I thought that as I stopped using my other skincare products I would see a huge difference in my skin ( I suffer with dehydrated skin and acne breakouts)  but actually the serums does seem to be keeping my skin supple and it hasn’t resided to its natural flaky self.

For the sake of £4.99 I would say buy this product, just to note I have seen it for more online and i wouldn’t pay the £13.99. But if anyone can tell me the ingredient percentages i’ll consider my review.