Step Away From The Face Wipes!

When it comes to choosing your skincare it’s really quite simple….. Read the ingredients. Forget the fancy advert with the hot model, it’s what’s in the jar that counts.

It might be easier to start with what to avoid :

1. Face wipes, they might be quick but that’s about it. Even the all singing all dancing cleanser, toner and moisturiser wipes are doing more bad than good. Step away from the wipes!

2 . Soap, the devil in the eyes of a skin therapist. Soap is alkaline and the skin is acidic so these two are never going to work together , we want to stabilise the ph of our skin not change it.

That tight feeling we get when we use these products is a little misleading, although you might feel clean your skin is feeling stripped and dehydrated.

Using a cleanser that does not leave you feeling tight and dry should always be the start of your skin care routine, toners are not always necessary. I’ll go into cleansers in more detail in a specific post


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