Recipe for The Perfect Fake Tan


  • 1 bottle of ST Tropez  Bronzing Mousse
  • 1 bottle of ST Tropez Tan Optimiser Body Polish
  • 1 tanning applicator mitt
  • 1 Bottle of ST Tropez Body Moisturiser

( these ingredients will make more than one perfect tan)

Cooking time 4-6 hours

Serves 1 perfect Bronzed Goddess

Step 1

Apply the Body polish over the entire body and massage vigorously, the exfoliating beads will buff away any dry, dead skin cells. Remove the body polish in the bath or shower.

Step 2

Dry off, tie your hair up so that it is off of both your face and body. Apply the Body Moisturiser to any dry areas of skin, including hands, feet, knees and elbows. This will stop excess tan developing in these areas.

Step 3

Applying the tan. Standing in as little clothing as possible apply one pump of your tanning mousse onto the mitt. Starting at your foot apply the tan in a vertical upwards movement towards the thigh. The tan has a guide colour so you can see exactly where you are applying. Apply more product if needed and without leaving a gap apply another vertical stripe stripe next to the previous. Using this Stripe method cover the whole body. Apply tan to your back is the trickiest part however not impossible, don’t worry too much about the ‘stripes’ in this area just make sure it has all been covered with the guide colour, all will be fine when washed off.

I always apply a second coat in the same way to ensure even coverage. Patchy or streaky tans only occur when areas of skin have been completely missed.

Step 4

Development. As the tan develops it will begin to look patchy, don’t panic! This is just the excess on the surface. The tan takes between 4-6 hours to develop, although if you don’t mind a little tan on your bed sheets sleeping in it works a treat. The longer the tan develops the darker it will be.

Step 5
Its now time to reveal your handy work. Rinse the excess tan off in the shower or a quick bath. Do not rub dry but pat yourself dry. Once your dry apply a thin layer of the Body Moisturiser and Bronzed Goddess has been achieved!


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