Environ Hydrating Capsules

Ok so I’m going to be honest and say I was a little sceptical at first as usually ‘capsules’ are a little gimmicky and contain very little product,however environ proved me wrong. I was initially drawn to these capsules for their ingredients, anything with vitamin A excites me.

Im going to write a post on the most potent ingredients and how they work which will give you a better idea of what vitamin A does, but for the moment it stimulates cell renewal which in turn, sloughs off old dead skin cells, improves the tone and texture of skin, helps to regulate acne and can even reduce pigment. All of these results leave your skin radiant and glowing.There are many products on the high street which claim to contain vitamin A (also called retinol), although they have such a little amount that there is not enough to penetrate the layers of the skin. Environ has a higher amount of active ingredient which means you really do get what you pay for.Anyway back to the capsules, as well as the stimulation from the vitamin A the capsules also hydrate the skin and help to fight free radicals that attack the surface of the skin. When I opened my first capsule I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of product inside, much more than inside some other brands. I had already cleansed my skin with a glycolic cleanser and applied the capsule all over even having enough product to use on my neck.

The product was silky, light and easily absorbed into my skin it even smelt lovely which is always a bonus. Then I went to bed.

The morning saw me wake to a lovely silky smooth skin and one happycustomer.  Environ provided a product that did what it said on the pot, it hydrated my skin giving it with a healthy glow, banishing dull dry patches.

I was so impressed we have actually started to use it in clinic after our clients have had treatments such as Dermaroller or LED light therapy.



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