Thread Veins? Rosacea? Treat with IPL

Do you suffer with red veins/broken capillaries?

Do you have a redness to your skin? Or possibly suffer from rosacea?

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a simple yet effective treatment that can successfully treat these skin concerns amongst many others!
The treatment consists of emitting ‘intense white light’ delivered through a range of specific wave lengths to target specific concerns. The desired effect is commonly achieved through as little as 3 treatments.

Treating Thread Veins

Thread veins are extremely common as well is the misconception that they cannot be treated.
The vessels are targeted by the IPL, the blood within the vessel (or more specifically the haemoglobin) absorb the light energy. Once this light energy has been absorbs it stimulates thermal damage to the vessel, this damage forces coagulation and destroys the vessel. The damaged vessel is then reabsorbed into the body.
The breakdown of the vessel is different in each patient, some vessels disappear immediately post treatment, some take several weeks and some take several treatments.
The treatment is relatively quick but can be slightly uncomfortable, however the discomfort is only felt for a second in each area. This sneak peak shows a patient receiving the treatment


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