Skin Needling the Wonder Treatment!

Skin Needling is the treatment that is taking the skincare industry by storm! Everywhere you look it is being used to treat many concerns, from scarring on embarrassing bodies, to lines and wrinkles on anti-aging programs and most importantly available to you in skincare clinics.

This is definitely up there as one of the most popular skin treatments that we use in clinic and its the treatment of choice for most of our staff 😉 .

Why all the fuss?
Skin Needling stimulates natural collagen and cell renewal by increasing the production of growth factors (seeVampire Facelift). Growth factors work in response to trauma, the needles on the roller cause tiny puncture wounds in the skin.

In a professional clinic treatment the size of the needles used are between 1mm and 3mm long, home rollers are usually 0.25mm long.

Professional clinic treatments
As the needles used are long enough to penetrate to the dermal layer of the skin a slight discomfort usually occurs during treatment. This discomfort is over come by using a topical anaesthetic around 40minutes prior to the treatment.
The end point in a professional treatment is pin point bleeding, it is the presence of blood that is responsible for the amazing results!
After the treatment your skin will appear very red, this can last for around 24hours.
As the results are a response to the wound healing process the skin will continue to improve for the following 40 days.

Skin needling successfully treats:
•lines & wrinkles
•thinning skin
•dull sallow skin
•acne scars
•uneven skin tone
•prevention of aging
Although the results are amazing this treatment is not a quick fix. The treatment plan takes place over a 6 month period with one treatment at 4 weekly intervals. In order to enhance your results a skincare routine containing a RETINOL product will work wonders!


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