YOUNGBLOOD liquid foundation

I’ve been searching for a mineral foundation that I can truly say I love, and I’ve got to admit its been a hard find. I’ve tried so many over the last year or so and although some were ok none were great. I found that lots of them contained talc and left the skin looking quite dull and dry, a typical trait of talc. I also found that the majority of them were in a powder form, powders commonly give a heavy coverage and I wanted that ‘I’ve hardly got any make-up on’ look.
I’d heard of Youngblood a while back when it was used by Cheryl Cole on the XFactor, for some reason I tried the blushers and eye shadows but never the foundation ( big mistake ). There is a large collection of loose and pressed foundations and too my joy 8 shades in a liquid form. As I have a pale skin tone but often wear fake tan I chose the shade ‘pebble’. One pump from the 30ml bottle is all I need for a day look and I usually use a little more for an evening look, I have also found that I prefer to warm this product in my hand and apply with my fingers instead of with a foundations brush. The foundation itself is so light and easy to spread around the contours of the face, blends really well leaving no horrid ‘foundation line’.
The deeps sea minerals and nutrients in this product really do seem to work, my clients are always commenting on the ‘glow’ my skin has. Please don’t let £35 price tag put you off, it is so worth it and last longer than most other liquid foundations as you have to apply so much more of them.


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