Well.. being a full time student is definitely taking up a lot of my time but not so much that I’ll be spending less time finding, wearing and loving cosmetics!
Over the years I’ve tried cheek ‘tints’ and ‘stains’ but the general consensus was that they were not that great. I hated the thin liquid form that they came in and there was very little room for error when applying as the moment it touched the skin it was dry and not moving.
After tints and stains I converted to cream blushers, I love the sheen that they give and the way they enhance the cheek bones, bonus that they can double up as a lippy!
So the reason for my rambling is that this product is the perfect combination of a tint and a cream blush. It’s texture is thicker than a cream yet not sticky like a blush, it easy to apply with your finger and can be easily blended to the contour of your cheek. The result is a soft glow of colour blended without any harsh lines.
I actually prefer to use this product as a base colour underneath a loose powder blush for a more intense evening look.
My only negative is that when wearing this product alone it does need to be reapplied regularly to maintain the look.