What?! You got Botox?!

I’m tired of having to stand up for girls and women who want to look good, have great skin and stay wrinkle free, so what if we’re vain – tell me someone who doesn’t want to look their best.

Vanity is the reason that we have a beauty industry, it’s the reason that millions of pounds are spent on cosmetics and a reason that so many men and women across the world have employment.

Who decides whats acceptable and what’s not? YOU DO! It’s your face and your body, if you don’t want anything to touch your skin then that’s fine; it’s just as fine if you want to have facials and peels, Botox or fillers. An opinion is something that we are all entitled to but it shouldn’t be used to to shame others for their individual choices.

Concern is different, I appreciate that the industry has it’s downfalls and there are people out there who are not concerned with safety and jeopardise their clients health, however there are many trained and insured professionals that can help you to achieve your aesthetic goals without putting you in any danger.

The majority of people having beauty and aesthetic treatments don’t want to change they’re appearance, they want to improve what they’ve got and feel good about themselves. We can control so many things in our life and feeling confident about the way we look is amongst them; if it makes you feel happy and better about yourself then what’s the problem?

There’s a vast amount of treatments available from eyelash extensions to injectables, microdermabrasion to laser peels, what may be suitable for one is not always great for another. My advice will always be the same – do your research. Research the place, the person and the treatment, knowledge is power and it will empower you to make the choices that are right for you.

Before people judge others for having beauty and aesthetic treatments encourage them to think about this:

Why do you go to the gym? = to stay healthy & LOOK GOOD

Why do you have your hair styled? = TO LOOK & FEEL GOOD

Why do you buy new clothes? = TO LOOK & FEEL GOOD


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